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Отзывы судей:
Mrs. Sian Ellis (Dolwen Labradors)  - "Фортуна" 01.05.13,  и
Mrs.Maureen Floyd (Trenow Labradors)  - "Аркон" 01.05.13.


Thank you so much for the kind invitation to judge and also for your wonderful hospitality.

The overall quality was excellent as my gradings would suggest. I was very pleased with all my winners who were all in very good condition and a credit to their owners. Handling was excellent with handlers letting the dogs move freely on loose leads.

On the day I found more quality in depth to the blacks, but even so my Best Labrador was yellow  who would do well in any company.

The chocolates were in lovely coat and condition having the dark rich colour one desires. The eyes could have been darker on some.

Movement on the whole was good with many exhibits having an excellent reach and good drive behind. Dentition was very good and most had a good length of muzzle. Tight feet were in evidence on the majority, but some had splayed feet which could be improved with more roadwork.

Temperament was excellent as one would expect.

The exhibitors were very courteous and gracious in defeat. Some were not in their best coats and this affected their placings.

A most enjoyable show which will always be in my thoughts. Thank you so much!

Kindest Regards,Sian Ellis (Dolwen Labradors)



Thank you for inviting me to judge your Club Show. I was very excited to come to Moscow and meet the exhibitors who were so enthusiastic about their Labradors.I think Russian exhibitors are very sporting  in the manner which they accept the Judge’s decisions and they are very happy to show their dogs.

I think the organisers deserve credit for all their hard work in organising the Show. It is not an easy task.

The dogs have some very good Labrador features especially the coats. Many had coats of a good texture  with excellent dense undercoats ------- maybe due to the Russian winters!

The chocolates had very good coats of an excellent dark colour. Unfortunately the eyes were light on many exhibits and this  can spoil the expression.

On the whole movement was sound but some rear movement needs to improve. Road walking and exercise should help.

Most of the dogs were in good hard condition with strong firm toplines and well developed quarters.

 and only one or two were overweight.

There were some very nice males present so the gene pool  for the future should be safe.

I was very pleased with my final line-up of winners. Any one of  the four  in the line-up could have won  BOB but in the end I chose the beautiful feminine cream bitch who I was delighted to judge.

I wish the Club every success in the future  and offer my thanks once again to you all.

Maureen Floyd.



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